What happens when you are TWENTY?

Aukai hi, it’s me Tien.

Someone has said 16, 17 or even 18, you might not feel the changes in yourself. It gradually cracked when you turned into 19 and hit the peak when you are 20 and more.

I’m officially 20 tmr, as most of you don’t know. But i dont care anyway. So, just a quick look at what I call that “decade of decadence and despair” and happy birthday to meh.

Oh maybe I’ll stop arguing with my parents.


Then I will graduate…


Then go and get a job


Your older relatives now talk to you about mortgages.  Leading you to smile and nod politely, afraid to admit you have no idea how they work.


Marrige? No.


I should eat less and exercise more LOL


No stupidity allowed. I had enough.


Party harder. Go get some life.


 The good and the bad, it’s time to accept I’m in my twenties and stop acting like I did aged 16… maybe.


Fabulous mode switch on



One comment

  1. Khoa Nguyễn · August 18, 2016

    True for me. When i was 17, 18, i didn’t feel so much changes in me but when i reached 19, my behavior, my character is totally different : more listener, more doing, less talking. Luckily, i found a goal in my life, and i have already started fighting for that. It’s very struggling. I think that when we begin to fight for our goal, we have grown up a little bit (i think). 😀


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